Over the past year, the Alliance completed a series of meetings aimed at enhancing the connection between OIA governance and the best practices that have emerged from our experience. The board and its committees debated several proposals for specific bylaw amendments, and concluded this lengthy consideration at the September 2016 Annual General Meeting.

Key changes include an increase in the total size of the Board from nine members to ten to include a role for the Immediate Past Chair for leadership continuity; to allow direct succession from Chair-Elect to Chair to Immediate Past Chair; and to change rules on the secretariat, indemnification, and other matters of administration and governance.

In addition, we have changed the definition of eligibility for associate membership by removing the requirement to represent the majority of osteopaths or osteopathic physicians within a country. We intend this change to promote collaboration in the legal establishment of the profession.

See the current bylaws in full (effective October 2016).

Read a brief document detailing what has changed.

View the older bylaws (current until September 2016).